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Dreamfield at Indiegroup

"some bands deserve attention because of the clothes they wear. some get pages and pages of press attention because of the things they say. but the best of the best are those who write themost beautiful songs"...Bulaka Music Mag.

"If I haven't expressed clearly enough how much I like "Easy", I might add at this point that I've fallen in love with it. And I could imagine no one else singing this. Perfect. This song touched me on a deeply emotional level, jugding by "Easy", I would predict Dreamfield a very bright future indeed. When is the album coming out?Christian Maenpaa-Gods of Music

"The overall effect is as spooky as Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Peek-a-boo", but without all the back-masking".100% Unnatural Music Mag.
100% Unnatural also ran a Dreamfield Feature - 'A Penchant to Dream'

"This is not your typical electronica; the song has a pop sensibility. Dreamfield mixes equal part psychedelia, trip-hop, and pop, which create a mood more than a song". Kevin Maurer- Altar Native

"Dreamfield is one of the most eclectic groups out there. And when I say out there, I mean that in every sense of the phrase. They are not your average band by any sense of the word average...Randum Reviewers-Out in Leftfield.

Read Poppy's interview with Shuana Sky at Artist Launch

"This is both trippy, chilled and unsettling all at the same time. The vocals are superb and the whole thing sounds rich"...

"Trippy programmed beats, haunting vocals and some great synth work go to prove that Dreamfield aren't going to go away. Very, very nice indeed"...

"Beautifully recorded vocals from a talented lady indeed. Starting folk-rocky and ending up almost triphop this is a seriously mellow tune. Go get it"...Besonic Premium Collection-Pges 7+8

'Christopher's Dream' is beautiful, oddly moving and amazingly original...and when the songs chorus kicks in... well, that's just audio perfection. I'm definitely in love...Andy Chapman (Gods of Music)


'Take Me With You' (M4001CD) - Reviews.

"Dreamfield's debut CD "Take Me With You" has not left my CD player in almost 2 weeks now...music to dance to sitting down? Music to lose yourself to, try it and see"...
'In search of Enlightenment'
"This is an awesome 3-song single...A female-fronted dreampop/trip-hop outfit from the UK, Dreamfield produces lovely music for late-nite listening. Laid-back grooves and drum loops reminiscent of Portishead accompany smooth vocals that alternately remind me of the Cranes of the Sneaker Pimps"...Dreamfield has a fine lyrical sensibility, as well as sensual and infectious grooves.I'm eagerly awaiting a full-length album"...
CD Baby/Negative Pop
"Warning - this is not a "plunk the CD in my car and whizz down the highway" song. It's very thought provoking and at times, relaxing. "Take Me With You" is not only original, it has enough character to allow it and the band to be instantly recognized in a sea of the music that is readily available".
The Rob Report
"At four o'clock on a Sunday morning, halfway between reality and your subconscious, there is a place where Dreamfield are on the decks, whispering in your ear and messing with your mind"...
'The Fly Magazine-London'
"Haunting melodies tempt you into another world, a world in between sleep and the moment you wake. Scarily hypnotic, from the depths of despair, it's harrowing as it is sublime"...
Andy Langfeld/BeSonic
"Dreamfield have arrangement skills above and beyond the norm and the inclusion of "rhythmic things" and "psychadelic clarinets" really make these artists stand out...My interest in their future work is happily and dreamily piqued.
Legends Magazine